CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

MornTechUSA laser engraving machine offers precise and aesthetical engraving and cutting of non-metal materials. The machine primarily uses CO2 gas along with electricity to produce a laser beam that can cut through or engrave most materials. A glass tube helps to focus laser beam onto the surface of the material, the beam goes down the tube and out the nozzle through focus lens. Once the beam exits the tube, it comes in contact with the surface of the material to be engraved. The speed can be controlled to ensure smooth and reliable engraving moreover the worktable it comes with is able to work with hard materials such as wood, acrylic etc. The machine comes with a control panel that displays the progress of the graphics.

MornTechUSA laser engraving machine is widely used for fine engraving and cutting, hollow carving of acrylic, leather, paper, MDF, rubber, organic board, two-color board, wood board, bamboo products, glass, cloth, resin, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, crystal, bamboo, organic glass and other non-metallic materials. The machine can cut and engrave various texts, graphics, images, trademarks, etc. CO2 laser engraving machine is suitable for both home and commercial purposes.

Features of Laser Engraving Machine

Safety Protection: It will automatically cut off the power when the top access door is open, which protects the operator from any harm by the laser, increasing the safety, stability, and reliability of use and maintenance.

Water Cooling Protection: To avoid any damage to the laser tube the machine will not fire the laser if the cooling water flow is not detected.

Red-dot Positioning: the machine uses a red light indication method to achieve precise positioning of the laser beam.

Breakpoint Continuous Engraving:  In case of any power cut the machine will continue working from where it left off last .

Worktime Preview Function: It can demonstrate real working time with accuracy up to the millisecond level, and also support dynamic display of machining path and coordinate points, real-time display and tracking of machining progress.

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Working Area900*600mm1300*900mm
Laser Output Power60-100W80-150W
WorktableAluminum blade/Honeycomb worktable 
Positioning Accuracy<0.01mm 
Engraving SpeedMax. 500mm/s 
Graphics Formats SupportedBMP,PLT,DST,AL,DXF,PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc. 
 (approx. 20 types of formats) 
Power SupplyAC110V/220V  50HZ/60HZ 

Auto-focus System​

High accuracy and efficiency, save you time in focal length adjusting;
Red-dot positioning visualizes laser position and working dimensions.

Imported Optical Lens

Imported optical lens, beam transmission up to 99.3%, 14% higher than the common lens

laser tube

Laser Tube​

Germany Glass Tube;

40% higher laser power than common laser tuber of the same length;

Lifetime lasts up to 10,000h.

Control Panel​

Ethernet(10/100M) and USB2.0 transmission(support offline works);
Optimized engraving and cutting path;
Dynamic display of the whole processing progress of the graphics;
Support breakpoint continuous engraving and cutting.


High Dynamic Drive and Motor​

Different vibration strategies for low speed, medium speed to ensure smooth and reliable;

Operation of the motor within full speed range;

High reliability with overvoltage and overcurrent protection;

Large-torque, smooth running with low heat.

Blade-type Worktable

Used for machining hard materials such as acrylic, wood, bamboo, MDF, etc.;

Load capacity:max.30kg


Synchronous Belt

Made of TPU and stainless steel wire;
Stable size, flexible, low pre-tension, low noise, wear-resistant;
Linear speed reaches 80m/s.

Original Taiwan PMI Linear Guide Rail​

The linear guide ensures precise processing of delicate and complicated designs, high location accuracy(up to 40um);
Less abrasion, which can maintain accuracy for a long time;
Good performance for high-speed movement, greatly reducing the required driving force.


Industrial Water Chiller​

Intelligent dual temperature dual control mode to satisfy different needs of the fiber laser device and the optics;

Temperature control accuracy:±0.3℃

Multiple alarm protection
Long life and durability, easy to operate

Optional Parts


Rotary attachment

Facilitate engraving on cylinder objects such as bottle, cup, etc. Max. range: 1100mm or more to customize Electric Chuck ( for regular cylinder)

High-efficiency air filter

Environment-friendly, pollution-free, suitable for indoor working

Lifting device

Efficient for your material handling. 


Honeycomb worktable

Better adsorption performance for machining soft materials such as leather, paper, rubber, cloth, etc.

Application of Laser Engraving Machine

Applied Materials

Organic Board
Mat Board
Painted metal 

Application Industries

Handicraft Carving, Advertising, Light Guides, Models, Leather, Clothing, Toys, Paper Products Industry, Electronic Product, Printing and Packaging, DIY, Photo Studio, and other industries with high requirements on engraving precision

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