We often say that the home is the harbor of “love”. From decoration to furniture layout, each part is filled with our love for home. Lighting has become the best makeup artist for the rooms. It carries not only the daily lighting function, but more is the embellishment of the living space. Laser-cut metal lamps redefine home aesthetics.

Laser-cut metal lamps depict patterns of the interweaving of light and lines

Branches and leaves entangled, light and shadow exchanges through the light in the gaps of flowers and plants. As if you were wandering in the mysterious garden of the 17th century, surrounded by dreams and fairy-tale atmosphere. Laser-cut metal lamps with hollow patterns depict patterns of the interweaving of light and lines.

Laser-cut metal lamps display light and shadow interaction

Light can build space. It changes the space as well. Laser-cut metal lamps display the interaction of light and shadow. It can be either fashion, or romance, or luxury. It creates endless possibilities.

At night, laser-cut hollow metal lamps add a layer of glamour to space. Then the light and the surroundings coordinate and reflect each other. The warm yellow soft shimmer gently soothes the soul, creating a warm atmosphere.

You will have no problem noticing the intricate laser-cut detailing of the light. Constructed of steel, the round drum shade features a graceful laser cut design that showcases the bulb and brightens your space. The glamorous finish and modern design of this light fixture add texture and dimension, as well as light, to your kitchen island, vanity area or dining table. Hang one light to brighten a smaller space or pair it with another to create a dramatic statement in a larger area.

Laser-cut metal lamps turn lighting into an elegant lifestyle and experience

The laser creates chic lamps and enriches its functionalism and aesthetic meaning. Laser-cut metal lamps turn lighting into an elegant lifestyle and experience. The light becomes gentle with hollow metal lamps, and the laser process enables the metal lamps to tell stories.


The night of the city won’t be lonely. Laser-cut hollow metal lamps enable us to hold the light and shadow of yesterday, and the truth about life.

When the lights are turned on, the light shines out of the hollow metal lampshade, and the original invisible light draws a bustling city for you. The high-transparency laser hollow design, exquisite craftsmanship, the finishing touch for your life, to illuminate the warm night.

The lampshade made by the metal laser cutting machine has a cool temperament and modernity, which not only brings a soft feeling to the room, but also adds an intimate atmosphere, and can reflect the elegant and stable temperament.

The hollow metal lampshade made by the metal laser cutting machine is both beautiful and practical and can create soft lighting, which is very suitable for the lighting of the living room, bedroom, and other rooms.

You can even engrave a famous saying on the metal lampshade. When the light is turned on, the full house is a sea of knowledge. In business activities, the hollow metal lamp can create a different and active atmosphere. It can improve the customer’s goodwill and recognition of the store and attract more return customers.

Recommended metal lamp laser cutting machine for DIY lovers

Lamps are great objects because they allow you to play with light and potentially project shapes across an entire room. Laser cutting is perfect for creating this type of object because it allows you to get a really high-quality finish and fairly precise detail while keeping costs as low as possible. DIY lovers can create a simple but stylish lamp that could be personalized with own patterns and images.

The metal laser cutting machine developed by MORN integrates cutting, hollowing and other processes. It can be used for hollowing out the lampshade of various metal materials. The hollow cutting edge is fine, not creased, not burred, bringing you the most beautiful hollow lampshade.

Recommend metal lamp laser cutting machine

Here we recommend our mini fiber laser cutting machine for metal lamp shade cutting.

  • The whole machine adopts a closed gantry rack double drive structure and a reinforced welded bed;
  • The cutting head adopts the leapfrog function, and the parabolic movement between the cutting contours greatly improves the cutting efficiency;
  • It is mainly used for cutting fast cutting of various metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, brass, and copper.
  • This mini fiber laser cutting machine is of low cost due to the small working size, but it can fully satisfy lots of metal lamp cutting requirements.

Advantages of metal lamp laser cutting machine

  1. narrow cutting kerf: the slit of the laser-cut metal lampshade can be as narrow as 0.1mm-0.2mm;
  2. smooth cutting surface: the surface of the laser-cut metal lampshade has no burrs and no slag;
  3. small thermal deformation: the laser cutting process is fast and the energy is concentrated, so the heat transferred to the metal lampshade to be cut is small, therefore, no deformation with the shade.
  4. Unparalleled cutting accuracy: A metal lamp laser cutting machine offers precise cut that other machines cannot easily achieve.
  5. High material utilization rate: laser processing uses computer programming, so metal lamp laser cutting machines can tailor the metal material and process metal parts of different shapes, improve material utilization and save material costs.

Request for a quotation of the metal lamp laser cutting machine

If you are interested in playing with light, creating stylish lamps with own patterns and images will definitely bring you a special experience, and our metal lamp laser cutting machine is the best DIY helper. Moreover, it is really super practical for an ordinary family income-generating business project and can improve your life status. Now talk to our online sales to discuss your ideas about this project and request a quotation or operation videos. You may also find more details on our product pages: https://www.morntechusa.com/fiber-cutting/ or https://www.morntechusa.com/mini-fiber-laser-cutting-machine/.

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